StatisticheHow it works: @

How it works:

We have realized this website for posting test requests. The website is linked to many resources for reviewers, groups, etc.
We are not intermediary, we’ll post your products with your contacts.
Reviewers interested in your products will contact you directly, so you can deal with them.


We currently support the following markeplaces:
France (FR), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), Spain (ES), United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)

Free ? Why it is free ?

We are giving this service for free up to 31 of May for let you evaluate the service. The project is new, so no much traffic yet. Do not expect big results immediately.
We need advertising.
Please recommend us to your colleagues.

Rules for FREE service.

If you want your prodcuts posted for free you need to follow these rules:

First of all contact James


  • Like this Facebook page:
  • Join thise Facebook group:
  • Send email to with the following ino:
    – Name: (Admin purpose)
    – Wechat ID: (admin purpose)
    – Your Social Contacts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram): This is how reviewers will contact you. We suggest Facebok.
    – Link to products for each marketplace. Do not worry, we will NEVER post the link.

Last updated on Thursday, 18th February 2021

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